Neocities Highlights: 3/2/2021!

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                                                Brandon's Homepage 'Best in Show' awards:

                                                                                                        Want some quick cash? Looks like Marisolcoin has got you covered!

                                                                                                        Aliens are REAL?! Well, according to Theo they are!

                                                                                                        Hey want to open some Pokemon cards with me? No way! I got a Charizard!

Classic Features:

                                                                            It's Ian's World! It has some pretty cool shoe pics!

-Give my Site some feedback

                                                        Go Blue Chip Nation! Basketball is fun to play.

-Read my FAQ

                                                                                        Brandon's Homepage 'Most Useful' award:

-Browse some Archived Webpages

                                                Need to build a website? Tiny Tools might help you!

-Read news and updates about the site

                                                   Brandon's Homepage 'Most Potential' award:

-Play in my Arcade!

                                                                        I'm incredibley intrigued by this site! It looks to be something very unique!

And more!

                                                                                      If this idea for a simple shopping website gets pursued, it would be great for Neocities!

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                                                                                                                  Important update. Please read my news section.

Upcoming, or Advanced features:

-Brandon's Web Browser

-GIF Theater

-Brandon's Game Reviews

-Brandon's Sports Corner

-Brandon's Forums

-Brandon's Archive

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