What's new on Brandon's homepage?


Hey there all. If you have read last weeks bulletin, you would have heard about me morphing Brandon's Sports Corner into it's own website. Well, I have begun work on 'Don't feed the Bears...', a website dedicatied to my favorite sports team: The Baylor Bears. I am devoting a lot of attention to this new website, so sadly this one will become dormant for a while. I am so incredibley sorry that I am not fulfilling my original vision for weekly content. However, I am really having a lot of fun creating this new website! Oh, and dont worry this website will continue to stay online for the foreseeable future.


Wow! I couldn't have asked for a better first day: 200 views! My new plan for the site is to turn Brandon's Sports Corner, and Brandon's Game Reviews into their own websites, while having them link back to my homepage. It seems complicated, but I hope that it will increase traffic back to my main site from the spinoffs. Dont worry though, I will constantly update and improve my main site!


My site is officially online! After a lot of hard work, it finally is on the internet. Be prepared for even more features!


Before my site goes online I decided to add a couple of new features. Those features were my 'Neocities Highlights' section, and I created a sidebar! By the end of the week I guarantee that it will go online, with plenty of additional features down the pipeline.


The sites original features are mostly complete! I've successfully made Feedback, 'HTML invaders', and the start of the Archive! Soon it will go online and become a real website on Neocities. Be prepared for a rapid expansion in the coming days!


The Brandon's Homepage file has been created! Birthed as a simple html notepad on my broken laptop, soon it will grow to be much bigger. Stay Tuned!

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